Ginger Scallion Condiment and Ginger Scallion Dipping/Finishing Sauce

Eating healthy can at times become really boring, so I am always trying to create new ways to elevate a recipe with flavors that take it from ordinary to exceptional, while still keeping in the guidelines of healthy, clean eating.

I love a recipe that is what I call a “2 for 1”.  A recipe that has a core recipe and then a spin off of the original recipe.

In this post, I’ll share a ginger scallion condiment along with a ginger scallion dipping sauce/finishing sauce.

When I first met my mentor, Sharon Lawrence, who is the queen of healthy eating, we would go to her favorite Chinese restaurant for Steamed Broccoli and Shrimp with dumpling sauce. Wanting to pay tribute to one of her favorite dishes, I decided to bump up the dumpling sauce in ingredients and flavors.

So here is a 2 for 1 recipe inspired by Sharon’s love for this dish:

The ginger scallion condiment can be used in so many ways. Some of my favorite ways to use are adding it to roasted asparagus, broccoli or carrots at the end stages of roasting, adding it into turkey or chicken meatballs for flavor impact or as part of the flavors in an Asian inspired cauliflower rice using either chicken or shrimp.

The ginger scallion dipping /finishing sauce is one of my go to recipes for finishing baked chicken or salmon. It works equally well with a shrimp or chicken stir fry with broccoli.  It is also incredible as a marinate and finishing sauce with pulled pork.

I love to cook with ginger and any of the albumin family as these real and whole foods have such incredible health benefits. I also always try to maximize my time in the kitchen. This recipe covers both of my requirements!


Assemble ingredients for both variations, using organic whenever possible:

Ginger Scallion Prep-1

2-3 bunches of green onions (scallions) cleaned, wiped dry and prepped-enough for 1-1/4 cup diced green onions. Great link for how to prep:

Large knob of ginger-peeled and sliced into nickel size rings, enough for ½ cup sliced ginger

Salt-1 tsp. Himalayan or Sea Salt

Avocado Oil-1/3 cup

For second recipe you will also need:

Coconut Sugar-1/4 cup

Coconut Aminos-1/2 cup

Recipe 1

Ginger Scallion Condiment

In food processor, pulse ginger till finely chopped. Be careful to pulse and check, so ginger does not become a puree.

Add green onion, and pulse till green onion is also finely chopped

Ginger Scallion Prep-2

In small sauce pan heat avocado oil to 225F.

Remove from heat and carefully add salt and green onion/ginger mixture. If any moisture remained in the green onion from prepping, the oil could splatter, so use caution when adding.

Let cool.

Take half of the mixture and place in storage container with a tight fitting lid:  label add date prepared and refrigerate. The other portion will be used in the recipe below.

(I like to use small pint sized mason jars to store my condiments, sauces and dressings)

Recipe 2

Ginger Scallion Dipping /Finishing Sauce

In small enamel/nonstick pan, heat coconut aminos and coconut sugar till sugar dissolves.

Add remaining Ginger Scallion Condiment, recipe above

Allow to cool, transfer to storage container, label add date prepared and refrigerate.

Both of these sauces are best prepared the day before, to allow all the delightful ingredients to develop into flavorful enhancements to your healthy lifestyle in the kitchen and at the table.



Ginger Scallion-Finished Product




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