Why I Love Pilates

Last fall as I took charge of changing my health, I started Reformer Pilates with Rachel, an instructor I had met through one of the RN/Health Coaches I work with for my nutraMetrix business.

I initially selected Reformer Pilates with Rachel for three primary reasons:

  1. She herself lost over 100lbs and has kept it off for over 15 years.
  2. She is a PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) among her other credentials. This was important to me as I have some cervical issues that needed careful monitoring.
  3. She prices her Pilates and personal training sessions so reasonably. I am able to work with Rachel three times a week for the same price as one class would be closer to home!

Pilates Briand DNA

Reformer Pilates has some many benefits when done properly. To read more about the benefits, check out this great article.

For me, it has increased my flexibility and balance, and I am loving the way my body is becoming more attuned to proper posture. Plus, I love starting the day knowing that I have already accomplished my fitness goals bright and early!

I now have a 4th reason I would recommend Rachel to a friend: she truly cares about your success. Rachel is a daily inspiration to keep moving and to keep trying to push myself a little further each and every day.

If you have never tried Reformer Pilates, Rachel offers a complimentary 30-minute session to give it a try. If Pilates isn’t for you, that’s okay too! Find a routine that is, but make it a habit. Your body and spirit will appreciate it!

Find ReFORM with Rachel on Facebook and be sure to let her know I sent you!


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