Kitchen Tip: Orange Zest

One of my favorite ways to brighten a dish is to use both citrus zest and/or citrus juice in my marinades, sauces, and dressings. I’ll be sharing recipes using citrus in future posts, including a delicious lemon-infused olive oil! I have found that by adding citrus, you can decrease the amount of salt in a recipe, which is always an added benefit!

Over the years, I have acquired several different zesters and juicers. I use the microplane for a very fine zest and the grater and peeler for creating zest “strips.” I recently received the green hand help citrus juicer as a gift, and I love it because it gets every possible bit of juice out of the citrus. All of these options can be purchased at


Here are some ideas on how to use citrus to boost flavors within a recipe:

  • Take your regular guacamole recipe and add lime zest
  • Add lemon zest to baked chicken or seafood
  • Add orange zest to an Asian based marinade

Citrus juice works really well mixed in with olive oil, salt, and pepper as a salad dressing, in place of the vinegar. It also works well in marinades. Just be sure if you are using it with seafood, that you marinade for 30 minutes or less, as the citrus will actually start to cook the fish!

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