My 10 Habits for Sleep Success

As part of healing my Hashimotos, improving the quality of my sleep has become a top priority not only for the clients I am working with, but also for myself. While falling asleep is usually not an issue for me, waking up in the middle of the night and falling back asleep is problematic. My personal goal is 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Easier said than done, right?

10 Ways I have Achieved Better Sleep:

  1. Daily cardio for 60 minutes, either on the elliptical or outside in nature power-walking with a friend.
  2. Herbal teas like dandelion root, holy basil, lemon balm, and valerian root. I rotate these varieties and sip throughout the day.
  3. 15 minutes of sun exposure, whenever possible (I do live in Western New York, after all!)
  4. Daily meditation. Even a 5-minute session is very helpful to calm body and spirit.
  5. Pillow talk. Not the kind you’re thinking! A good pillow is crucial to a great night of sleep. After trying a few, my favorite is the My Pillow (which I purchased online through my shopping site at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I used my 20% off coupon and did in-store pick up!)
  6. Amber glasses which cut out the blue light from the computer and smart phone. They go on at dusk, right over my normal glasses. I look really dorky, but I don’t care! This has helped tremendously! I am also trying really hard to stay away from electronics in the evening, but again – easier said than done. There are some devices that come with a setting to block blue light, but from what I have researched, they don’t work as well as the glasses. Here are a few different options: amber glasses
  7. Reading a nice lighthearted magazine or book that is relaxing, not something that is going to keep your mind going.
  8. Daily supplementing including Vitamin B and Magnesium, two products that with regular use have an impact on blood glucose control, serotonin/melatonin production, and can support the body’s response to stress. I also keep a dose of magnesium by my bedside for the times that I do wake up in the middle of the night. Since the formula I take uses the Isotonix delivery system, when taken on an empty stomach, it hits my bloodstream in minutes and the relaxation support helps me return to sleep quickly without tossing and turning!
  9. Sleep mask to help block out any light coming in from the outside.
  10. Turning off notifications on my phone, including the vibrate mode. I am working towards moving the phone to another room completely, but baby steps!*Bonus Tip: Consistency is key. Routine is a big part of teaching the body how to sleep and sleep well. Going to bed at a consistent time every evening helps me sleep better and more soundly. On the same note, waking up at the same time each day also helps your body develop a natural sleep routine.

I recently attended a Health and Wellness Conference with guest lecturer Dr. Dee Mason, the director of Clinical Education and Research at Market America/nutraMetrix. Dr. Dee is a walking encyclopedia regarding  Health and Wellness. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, I HIGHLY recommend it!

One of the biggest takeaways of the lecture was the long-term impact sleep deprivation has on our health.

Just think – something as simple as going to bed earlier or maintaining a regular sleep schedule could mean the difference between a healthy life or a life spent struggling with serious health issues such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or depression, to name a few.

While there is no one trigger for chronic disease, you want your approach to health to be well-rounded, and healthy sleep is a great place to start!

Sleep well supplements

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This article is meant to help educate you on some of the basic things you can do to improve your sleep. Always check with your doctor before adding supplements to your regime if you have an underlying health issues. 
*Find out more on the value of the Isotonix delivery system at

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