5 Reasons to Cut Sugar from Kids’ Diets

Recent studies have shown that cutting back on sugar consumption has led to improvements in children’s overall health after just 10 days.

Along with the obvious reason of overall health, here are 5 reasons you may not be aware of to decrease sugars in your kids’ diets:

  1. More sugar increases hyperactivity, especially in children with ADHD. While many health professionals may deny a direct link between a hyperactive child and sugar intake, studies have shown that more sugar leads to more destructive and restless behavior.
  2. Less sugar increases metabolism. While sugar may kick your kids into high gear, it actually slows metabolism, which can lead to childhood obesity and many other health concerns.
  3. The more you allow, the more they’ll want. Fructose (one of the main forms of sugar found in food) activates the reward center of the brain, meaning the more you eat, the more you’ll crave.
  4. Cutting sugar minimizes risk of many common childhood diseases. High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and insulin resistance (diabetes) can all be lessened by decreasing or cutting sugar from children’s diets. Replacing sugary snacks and foods with healthy carbs and starches helps replace the caloric intake with more nutrient-rich foods.
  5. Regulating diet helps to keep kids regular. Ingesting too much sugar can lead to many digestion issues such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. Replacing sugary treats with high fiber foods and a daily probiotic regimen helps keep your kids’ digestive system running smoothly.

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