AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOBAAAAJGI2MTEyNGU2LTNhMTEtNGJkNy1iN2VlLTE4ZDcyNmM4Y2JmMgHi! I’m Sam, the face behind most of our postings on Briand DNA’s social media pages. For those of you who don’t know me (which is probably most of you), you can find my personal accounts here, here, here, and here. *FYI: I post an obscene amount of photos of my kids and dog. You’ve been warned.

Anyway, back to business. First off, thank you for checking out the Briand Blog! As this is our first official post, I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain what Briand DNA is, what we hope to share, and what you can do to contribute!

Who we are Briand DNA was founded and created by Lynn Briand, a licensed RN and health and wellness expert from Buffalo, NY. Lynn owns and operates her own business under the name of The Briand Group, where she performs consulting and custom plans for individuals and families to achieve their best lives, as well as BriandDNA.com, a one-stop online shop for just about anything you need from baby and kids products to groceries, electronics, health and beauty, and more.

What we’ll share Along with sharing tips and testimonials on the DNA Miracles line of products, we also hope that this blog will become a hub for parents, grandparents, family members, and care-takers alike with tips on keeping kids healthy and happy; a place where you can learn about the latest trends in health and wellness; somewhere you can go for healthy eating tips and tricks; and a professional’s viewpoint on the best path to wellness.

We will be sharing stories on how probiotics and vitamins have helped lessen effects of certain common ailments, telling testimonials from our clients who have seen healing properties from our products first-hand, recipes, exercise and healthy eating tips, and more – as well as featuring guest bloggers, fun facts, and everyday moments you can relate to.

What you can do Tell us what you’d like to see by leaving a comment below or getting in touch with us on our Facebook page or Instagram account! If you’re a blogger or have a story to share, feel free to let us know and we can talk about collaborating! We are always looking for new and exciting features, small businesses to promote, and ways to further our mission of customizing family health and wellness for you.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit our blog! Check back often for fresh new posts from Briand DNA!

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